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Our Story
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Meida Foodstuffs Supplies PLT, founded in 2013, wholly-owned by two passionate, dynamic and sincere young Malaysian entrepreneurs. One who always sought for the purity, consistent premium quality, and great value for money. Whilst another one who is always fascinated about “Why Some Foods Taste Better Together?” We unexpectedly work hand-in-hand to build our brick and mortar business from scratch, with the aspiration of bringing fresh, pure, reliable, safe and highest quality of spices and herbs into the market at the lowest possible price. 

We started up with 2 staffs, initially engaged in buying and selling fresh and raw materials, whole and ground of spices and herbs, ranging from wet chilies, dried chilies, lemongrass, galangal, torch ginger, kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, chives, Chinese herbs, Dried Shrimp, Anchovies, Scallops and etc.

In the second year of operation, as a result of customer’s demands, we began to introduce varieties of chillies, whole and ground black and white pepper, pulses and beans powder, glutinous rice powder, curry powders, onion powders, garlic powders, and few more other spices and herbs into our product range. Simultaneously, in order to meet some of our customer’s distinguish needs, we initiated a small scale production of our own blended and refined powders.

We thrive well after the hard work along with the increased orders and continuous support from our valued customers comprising of restaurant operator, retailer, wholesaler, food processing manufacturer, repacker and household market etc. However, our journey of thrill and excitement in exploring the world does not end here. We believe in challenging the status quo, so that opportunities for learning, betterment, growth, and innovation can arise. Consequently, we continue to invest in equipments for dryer, miller, siever, and blender to upgrade our facilities and capacity in coping with the growing demand. 

Now heading into its fourth year of operation, with the workforce of 10 personnel, our primary focus will be gearing towards Halal accreditation and concurrently venturing into premixed or seasonings sector.